How woud you describe your dream day together?

Maybe you pictured your happy place with just your partner, or maybe you have no idea what to picture but you just know you don't want a big wedding. Either way, I'm here to help!


Recent years have really changed the way we think about elopements. No longer an act done in secrecy, elopements are recognized as a legitimate wedding experience, and for some couples are more desirable than the traditional big wedding.


With an understanding that not everyone wants or can have a big event, I'm here to make your day as authentic to you and memorable as possible!


There are lots of reasons to elope. Here are a few.

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You want the day to be about the two of you, and feel that having lots of guests would complicate that.

You have a complicated family dynamic, and/or lots of out-of-state relatives.

You want to say your vows at a place that isn't accessible to everyone, i.e. the top of a mountain or abroad.

You want the intimacy of expressing your love without a huge audience.

You have anxiety about being in crowds or about planning events.

A traditional wedding just doesn't feel like you.

You want to do your vows in a private, intimate setting, but plan on having a bomb party later with friends and family.

Maybe the perfect day for you looks like:

going to your favorite coffee shop

hot air balloon ride

over the desert

waking up in an

A frame cabin

hiking to your favorite

overlook of your favorite trail

standing on your

favorite bridge

a private gathering

in your backyard

watching the wild horses

on Assateague Island

wandering through your

favorite museum/gallery


my approach

I know that your elopement is your wedding day, and the anniversary that you will celebrate for the rest of your life. That's why I believe your elopement deserves just as much coverage, thought and care as big event would.

most packages include:

engagement session


two photographers


customized timeline

hi-res digital images

online gallery