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Palm Springs Wedding | Second Shooting at the Ace Hotel

I've been reminiscing about this AMAZING wedding I had the opportunity to second shoot in Palm Springs last May with Alicia Wiley Photography.

Palm Springs, located in the desert of SoCal, is known for it's midcentury modern architecture. It became a popular place for celebrities of the Golden Age of Hollywood to live and vacation. Because of all this, Palm Springs is an ideal location for funky, retro-themed celebrations!

The theme of this wedding was Baltimore flamingos, Arizona cacti, and LA swans. There were bolo ties and a pink wedding dress. There was a VW photo bus. There were inflatable swans for the pool party that came at the end of the night. There were disco balls and servers on roller skates. There were vegan sparkle donuts and mushroom chorizo tacos.

I'm so grateful I got to witness the magic on this beautiful day. If you've ever thought about a 70's themed wedding in the desert, this is your sign to make it happen!

Disclaimer: While all of the above photographs were taken by me and edited to match my own style of photography, I was not the main photographer for this event. The primary photographer for this event was Alicia Wiley Photography. I am sharing these photographs for portfolio purposes only, with her permission <3


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