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Mt. Vernon Place Engagement Session | Caroline + Justin

I'm overhauling my blog to be more up-to-date with my current work, and what better way to start off than this gorgeous engagement session? Caroline and Justin are a seriously cool couple.

I'm always talking about how much I love Baltimore for weddings and engagements, and this session perfectly highlights why. There are a million and one boroughs in Baltimore city to have your engagement photography done, each as full of personality and character as the next. With neoclassical architecture, museums, fountains, and coffee shops galore, Mount Vernon Place almost gives a Parisian vibe while still being totally East Coast. If you're looking for a sophisticated city aesthetic, look no further.

From iconic spots like the Peabody Library and the Walters Art Museum, to the Hotel Revival and Topside Lounge there are a ton of great photo opportunities here.

Thanks, Justin and Caroline! I can't wait for your wedding!


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