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Walters Art Museum Engagement | Lauren & Eric (Part 1)

Most couples want to do their engagement sessions during the Spring or Fall, understandably; Maryland is brimming with nature and it makes sense that couples would want to take advantage of that! That said, Lauren and Eric's engagement session is proof that an indoor session during the Winter can be just as timeless and classic. In fact, if you're already getting married in nature, why not change things up a bit and choose an indoor location for your engagement session?

The Walters Art Museum is one of my personal favorite indoor locations in Baltimore for a session. Not only is it free (a huge bonus, as many indoor locations require a permit fee), but as a volunteer with WAM myself, I can attest to just how pleasant all the museum staff are!

The museum is free to the public and open 10a-5pm Wednesday thru Sunday (except on Thursdays, when it's open from 1pm-8pm). I recommend going sometime between 10 and noon -- the sun will be high in the sky and there are lots of areas of the museum that have windows to let in natural light. It's also not too busy at these times usually.

Things to keep in mind:

-If you plan on going on a weekend, make sure to check their calendar to see if there is an event going on that day.

-Keep in mind that they do often have school groups coming through on weekdays. This shouldn't be too disruptive to your session, but it is something to be considerate of!

Thank you, Eric & Lauren, for being wonderful models and honestly so fun to work with!


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