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wedding planning guide

2022.10.21 Caroline + Justin Wedding-6.jpg


Details are typically what I capture first when I arrive for the day. To allow for less time spent on these details and more time with you and your wedding party please:

-remove all tags, pins and stuffing from dresses, suits, shoes, etc. prior to my arrival.

-place all important details in one place, such as a shoebox. Consider having one box for each of you, especially if you are getting ready in different locations. 

-consider wooden, metal, or decorative hangers, as they photograph better than plastic hangers.


Items you may want to include in these detail shots are:

-rings and/or keepsake ring boxes

-jewelry, cufflinks, hairpieces

-dress, veil, shoes

-perfume, cologne

-suit, socks, tie/bowtie

-invitations, stationary

-bouquet, boutonnieres, loose florals/greenery

getting ready

Location: If you opted for pre-ceremony photography coverage, you may want to choose a location that has theming that matches your aesthetic, such as a specific AirBnB or hotel suite.

Windows: Locations with lots of natural light and large windows are best! If you think you may be getting ready in a space without much natural lighting, feel free to let me know ahead of time (I'll already have external lights with me, but the heads up never hurts!).


Side note: Restricting clutter such as dress bags, shoe boxes, etc., to one corner of the room or a closet will make for an overall nicer background for your photos.

2022.10.01 Maddie + Kylie Wedding-65.jpg

first look

What it is: A first look is an intimate moment between the couple prior to the ceremony, where they get to see each other in their wedding attire.

When to do one: First looks are helpful when you would like to have most of the formal portraits with the wedding party and/or immediate family completed prior to the ceremony, and for weddings where there will be no sunlight after the ceremony (this way you will still get those much-desired sunset shots). Bonus: you'll have more time to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests, as the wedding party & family formals traditionally happen during cocktail hour.

Location: You don't have to have an exact location for the first look picked out; I can scout out a good location at your venue day-of!

How long: The first look can be as quick as 15 minutes, and can be immediately followed up by wedding party formals.


Mics: Smaller microphones or clip-on mics photograph better than large microphone stands. You can always ask your deejay/sound person or wedding planner if they have smaller mics available for your use.

Phones: Your guests will almost definitely use their phones to take pictures/videos during the ceremony. I'm personally used to working around the phone-in-the-air phenomenon, but it's sometimes unavoidable. If you really don't want phones in your ceremony photographs, consider having your officiant inform your guests that it will be an unplugged ceremony. 

First kiss: Hold it for a little longer, and/or kiss more than once! Quick pecks can be easily missed. It never hurts to throw in another kiss or two as you're walking back up the aisle after the ceremony!

2022.10.08 Sonia + Gillian Wedding-186.jpg
2022.11.04 Matt + Brittany Wedding-277.jpg

couples portraits

Ideal times: First look, after the ceremony, golden hour, blue hour, and/or nighttime

How long: 15-30 minutes is all I will need for any of these portraits. I may need to take 10-15 minutes on my own prior to getting you, to set up lights and scout for locations.

Side note: These do not have to be formally posed or "stuffy" feeling! Even if you value candids, it's a good idea to set aside time for portraits of the two of you because it might just not happen otherwise.

family formals

When: These can be done prior to the ceremony if you're having a first look, or after the ceremony during cocktail hour.

How long: It varies depending on how many people and pairings, but anywhere from 15-45 minutes is typical.

Coordinating: We will work together to come up with a list of important family members and group pairings. Since coordinating a large group of people can be a challenge, I recommend making sure that those individuals on the list are made aware that they are taking part in these formal photos. Sending out an email can be helpful, or have your coordinator/planner announce to the family that they are needed for photos after the ceremony.

2022.10.21 Caroline + Justin Wedding-244.jpg
2022.10.29 Chris + Corinne Wedding-645.jpg


This is a great opportunity to get extra photos of all your guests celebrating!

Props to consider:


-glow sticks



-dried petals

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